Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift Trucks Fault Codes DTC

Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc. (“MCFA”), headquartered in Houston, Texas is a manufacturer and distributor of material handling equipment and parts under the Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks, Cat Lift Trucks, and Jungheinrich brand names. MCFA provides a full line of forklifts with complete sales and product support through more than 400 dealer locations throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America.

D-51 Memory check error
D-52 Battery voltage error
D-53 VCM communication error
D-54 ECM communication error
D-55 DCM communication error
D-57 MP communication error
D-61 Engine overrun
D-62 Revolution pulse error
D-63 Overheat signal (STEP1)
D-64 Overheat signal (STEP2)
D-71 Accelerator sensor error signal
D-73 Engine revolution sensor error
D-75 Idling SW error
D-76 Throttle close position error
D-77 Throttle open position error
D-78 Throttle reference point error
D-79 Throttle close SW stick error
D-91 Stepping motor error
E-03 VCM communication error
E-04 ECM communication error
E-05 DCM communication error
E-07 MP communication error
E-21 Air flow meter error signal
E-22 Water temperature sensor error signal
E-23 Throttle sensor error signal
E-24 Accelerator sensor error signal
E-25 02 sensor error signal
E-26 02 sensor heater error signal
E-27 POS sensor error signal
E-28 PHASE sensor error signal
E-29 Self-shut system error
E-30 ECCS C/U error signal
E-31 Electronic control throttle control error signal
E-32 Overheat signal (STEP1)
E-33 Overheat signal (STEP2)
E-34 Spark system error signal
E-35 LPG F/INJ disconnection diagnostic result signal
E-36 LPG fuel pressure sensor diagnostic result signal
E-38 LPG vaporizer diagnostic result signal
E-39 Mast-high SW diagnostic result signal
E-40 Oil pressure sensor diagnostic result signal
E-41 Stop lamp SW error signal
F-01 Memory check error
F-02 Battery voltage error
F-03 VCM communication error
F-04 ECM communication error
F-05 DCM communication error
F-06 OCM communication error
F-07 MP communication error
F-09 Operation setting communication error
F-10 Lift lever neutral error
F-11 Tilt lever neutral error
F-12 Attach-1 lever neutral error
F-13 Attach-2 lever neutral error
F-14 Attach-3 lever neutral error
F-16 Shift lever error
F-17 Speed error
F-20 Lift lever error
F-22 Tilt lever error
F-24 Attach-1 lever error
F-26 Attach-2 lever error
F-28 Attach-3 lever error
F-29 Joystick duplicate error
F-31 VCM-IM sensor voltage error
F-32 Lift oil pressure sensor error
F-34 Speed sensor error
F-36 Tire angle sensor error
F-38 Tilt angle sensor error
F-40 Steering error
F-41 Output unit error
F-44 Output unit PWM power voltage error
F-45 Output unit communication error
F-46 Input unit error
F-49 Input unit communication error
F-50 Lift up solenoid error
F-52 Lift down solenoid error
F-54 Lift solenoid leak
F-55 Tilt forward solenoid error
F-57 Tilt backward solenoid error
F-59 Tilt solenoid leak
F-60 Attach-1A solenoid error
F-62 Attach-1B solenoid error
F-64 Attach-1 solenoid leak
F-65 Attach-2A solenoid error
F-67 Attach-2B solenoid error
F-69 Attach-2 solenoid error
F-70 Attach-3A solenoid error
F-72 Attach-3B solenoid error
F-73 Hour meter gap error
F-74 Attach-2 solenoid error
F-75 Unload solenoid error
F-76 Parking brake solenoid error
F-77 Lift lock solenoid error
F-78 Parking brake solenoid leak
F-79 Unload / Lift lock solenoid leak
F-80 Knob position solenoid error
F-82 Tilt lock solenoid error
F-84 Knob position solenoid leak
F-85 T/M forward solenoid error
F-87 T/M backward solenoid error
F-88 Parking brake oil pressure error
F-89 T/M solenoid leak
F-92 Parking brake miss operation during running
F-93 Shift solenoid 1 error
F-96 EAT setting error
P-01 M/P memory check error
P-03 VCM communication error
P-04 ECM communication error
P-05 DCM communication error
P-07 MP communication error