Caterpillar Tractor Fault Codes list

Service technicians have no problem recognising breakdowns and carrying out machine diagnostics, Caterpillar Tractor Fault Codes list, plus they are familiar with equipment from a variety of manufacturers.

Caterpillar is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines. Caterpillar Inc., Caterpillar Tractor Company, major American manufacturer of earth-moving, construction, agricultural, and materials-handling equipment. Its headquarters are in Peoria, Illinois. Benjamin Holt, one of several brothers in the Holt Manufacturing Company, designed a prototype of the familiar “caterpillar” tractor in about 1904 (a similar track-type tractor was also patented in 1904 by British engineer David Roberts). The Holt tractor ran on continuous metal-belted tracks instead of wheels, and the tracks kept the heavy vehicle from sinking in mud or dirt.

Caterpillar Tractor Fault Codes DTC

CID – code Name

1 Injector 1
2 Injector, cylinder number 2
3 Injector number 3
4 Injector number 4
5 Injector, cylinder number 5
6 Injector, cylinder number 6
7 Injector number 7
8 Injector number 8
9 Injector number 9
10 Injector number 10
11 Injector number 11
12 Injector number 12
13 Injector number 13
14 Injector number 14
15 Injector number 15
16 Injector number 16
17 The fuel shut-off valve
18 The fuel control valve
19 Bypass valve accelerator
20 Device change timing of fuel injection
21 Position Sensor Engine
22 Sensor fuel injection advance
23 Drive Racks
24 position sensor rail
27 is a variable geometry turbocharger number 1
28 Drive with variable geometry turbocharger number 2
41 Power ECU (electronic control unit) 8 V DC
42 Valve inclusion nozzles
70 contact with the parking sensor
71 Timer stop idling
75 Oil temperature sensor circuit hydraulic steering system
The pressure sensor 81 at the inlet trap foreign particles
82 Pressure Sensor pnevmozapuska
84 speed sensor
91 Accelerator pedal position sensor
94 Pressure Sensor fuel pumping
95 The differential pressure sensor on the fuel filter
96 Fuel level sensor
98 Oil level sensor in the engine
99 The differential pressure sensor on the engine oil filter
100 Oil Pressure Switch Engine
101 pressure sensor crankcase gases
102 turbo pressure sensor
104 Oil pressure turbocharger
105 temperature sensor intake manifold
106 sensor input air pressure
Pressure sensor 109 of coolant downstream of the engine
110 Coolant Temperature Sensor Engine
111 level sensor, engine coolant
The differential pressure sensor 112 to filter engine coolant
124 gearbox oil level
126 differential pressure sensor on the oil filter transmission
127 Oil Pressure Switch gearbox
138 Mode Switch low traction
139 Solenoid tip ago
140 Solenoid tip forward
141 Eco Mode Switch
142 position sensor door to clean the radiator
143 contact pressure sensor control unit neutral
144 horn relay reverse
145 power supply circuit 12
146 Mode Switch hitch
147 pressure sensor lock-up clutch
148 pressure sensor in the hydraulic stroke
149 Three-way solenoid stabilization system of the implement when driving
150 Speed Sensor trambovatelya
151 Solenoid trambovatelya
152 diagnostic lamp control systems course
153 speed sensor right drive motor
154 RPM Sensor left actuator motor
155 solenoid switching stroke
156 Solenoid right turn in reverse (electronic display)
157 Solenoid left turn in reverse (electronic display)
158 Solenoid right turn forward direction (electronic display)
159 Solenoid left turn forward direction (electronic display)
160 Relay working equipment paver
161 brake sensor (chassis) pedal
162 Sensor Steering Wheel
The steering angle sensor 163 rotation
164 Pressure Sensor inclusion nozzles
167 Sensor charging voltage of the alternator
168 Electric system
171 of the ambient air temperature sensor
172 temperature sensor in the intake manifold
174 Fuel temperature sensor
175 Temperature Sensor Engine oil
177 oil temperature sensor Gearbox
190 RPM Sensor engine crankshaft
191 sensor output speed gearbox
248 data channel of Caterpillar
249 data channel J1922 SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)
250 data channel J1708 / J1587 SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)
Block 252 calibration
253 Personal chip control unit
254 electronic control unit
256 Map adjusting engine performance
257 Level detonation
258 sensor crank angle
259 set via software point fuel injection
260 oxygen sensor in the exhaust gas
261 the fuel injection timing calibration
262 circuit sensor supply 5 V
The power circuit 263 digital sensors (8 or 12)
264 pedal revolutions reduction
265 Input circuit stopping the engine, user-defined
266 Input circuit dry scroll engine (without fuel injection)
267 Chain input remote control signal Safe Stop engine
268 Error programmed parameter
269 circuit sensor supply
Code 270 cable computerized monitoring system (CMS)
271 Sound the alarm
272 sensor has exceeded the allowable turbo
273 pressure sensor at the outlet of the turbocharger
274 atmospheric pressure sensor
275 pressure sensor at the entrance of the right turbocharger
Pressure transducer 276 at the input of the left turbocharger
277 sensor calibration injection timing
278 The indicator light turn on the automatic control of engine speed (AESC)
279 coolant temperature in the intercooler front section
280 temperature sensor gear
281 The indicator light necessary Engine
282 Light indicator exceeding the permissible engine speed
283 Indicator Light air filter
284 Radio on EMS (electronic control system) (the signal of the engine)
285 overheating indicator light, engine coolant
286 Indicator light low oil pressure
287 Miniature digital output? 7
288 Miniature digital output? 8
289 Fuel pressure – before the fuel filter
290 pressure sensor in the pump drive engine cooling fan
The solenoid 291 engine cooling fan
292 solenoid hydraulic oil cooling fan
293 power analog output? 3
294 power analog output? 4
The control unit 295 hydraulic excavator heavy-duty
296 gearbox control unit
297 all-wheel drive system control
298 The probe brake pedal
299 position sensor gear lever
300 The primary windings of ignition coils
301 The primary winding of the ignition coil? 1
302 The primary winding of the ignition coil? 2
303 The primary winding of the ignition coil? 3
304 The primary winding of the ignition coil? 4
305 The primary winding of the ignition coil? 5
306 The primary winding of the ignition coil? 6
307 The primary winding of the ignition coil? 7
308 The primary winding of the ignition coil? 8
309 The primary winding of the ignition coil? 9
310 The primary winding of the ignition coil? 10
311 The primary winding of the ignition coil? 11
312 The primary winding of the ignition coil? 12
313 The primary winding of the ignition coil? 13
314 The primary winding of the ignition coil? 14
315 The primary winding of the ignition coil? 15
316 The primary winding of the ignition coil? 16
317 load cell
318 Right knock sensor
319 Left knock sensor
320 RPM Sensor / injection timing
321 Key switch reset / diagnostic confirmation
322 engine stop switch
323 The indicator light engine stop
324 Alarm lamp
325 detonation caused by the ignition system
Detonation System 326
327 Wrong number of knock sensors
328 Wrong number of cylinders of the engine
329 Error Link
330 Login with contact sensor propane content
331 Ignition Switch
332 keyboard switch
333 switch alarm
334 Reserve output
335 solenoid screw scraper
336 switch engine control
337 Remote Switch emergency stop
338 Relay pre-lube pump motor
339 contact pressure transducer pre-lube the engine
340 solenoid shut-off air
The solenoid 341? 4 warm-hydraulic distributor
342 Auxiliary speed sensor engine crankshaft
343 injector NOx catalyst in the exhaust gas
344 Relay injection pump converter of nitrogen oxides in exhaust gases
Pressure sensor 345 of the injection NOx catalyst in the exhaust gas
346 Relay stabilization system of the implement when driving
347 solenoid feed control (working volume) motor hydrostatic transmission
348 lock switch gearbox
Solenoid 349 gearbox synchronization
350 position sensor rod lift
351 position sensor rod misalignment
352 Sensor lift lever (in the cockpit)
353 sensor lever skew (in the cockpit)
The solenoid 354? 1 lift
The solenoid 355? 1 lowering
The solenoid 356? 1 unloading
357 Solenoid No. 1 return
358 Drive pressurization of the control loop hydraulic system work equipment
359 solenoid locking lifting
360 solenoid lock lowering
The electromagnet 361 tilt lock to download
362 solenoid control the fan speed of the engine
363 Drive stabilization system of the implement when driving
364 pressure sensor piston cavity lift cylinder
365 switch for limiter
366 contact gauge semiautomatic recess
367 Switch stabilization system of the implement when driving
368 switch, automatic / manual mode transmission
369 Login with shift indicator on the gearbox
370 Solenoid floating position arrows
Solenoid 371 beep
372 solenoid opening bucket (for excavator shovel)
373 solenoid closing bucket trucks through the hinged bottom (for excavator shovel)
374 Solenoid swing brake
375 Solenoid swing brake
376 Warning stroke
377-way solenoid brake
378 solenoid automatic lubrication system of the machine
379 Pressure Sensor automatic machine lubrication
380 contact pressure transducer modulation shift gearbox
381 Contact neutral position sensor lift lever (in the cockpit)
382 lever position sensor coupling
383 position sensor coupling
384 shifter
385 contact sensor neutral position tilt (in the cockpit)
386 solenoid lifting hitch
387 Solenoid lowering hitch
388 Contact line solenoid coupling
389 The probe neutral auxiliary lever
The solenoid 390 controlling the flow of hydraulic oil through the forward clutch
The solenoid 391 controlling the flow of hydraulic oil through the reversing
392 solenoid oil supply
The solenoid 393 to drive the front wheels
The solenoid 394 controlling the flow of oil through the drive motor
395 solenoid switch actuator pressure of the front wheel
396 Light on lamp-wheel drive (AWD)
397 contact pressure transducer feed pump
398 pressure sensor in the front wheel drive
399 sensor to the control lever-wheel drive (AWD)
400 The secondary windings of ignition coils
401 The secondary winding of the ignition coil? 1
402 The secondary winding of the ignition coil? 2
403 The secondary winding of the ignition coil? 3
404 The secondary winding of the ignition coil? 4
405 The secondary winding of the ignition coil? 5
406 The secondary winding of the ignition coil? 6
407 The secondary winding of the ignition coil? 7
408 The secondary winding of the ignition coil? 8
409 The secondary winding of the ignition coil? 9
410 The secondary winding of the ignition coil? 10
411 The secondary winding of the ignition coil? 11
412 The secondary winding of the ignition coil? 12
413 The secondary winding of the ignition coil? 13
414 The secondary winding of the ignition coil? 14
415 The secondary winding of the ignition coil? 15
416 The secondary winding of the ignition coil? 16
417 relay interrupt return solenoid circuit
418 Indicator light / relay oil flow in the hydraulic circuit of the main steering
419 Relay motor reversing
420 relay assisted steering
421 Loadmonitors
422 speed sensor of the drive shaft
423 for contact with the pressure sensor in the front brake accumulator
424 for contact with the pressure sensor in the rear brake accumulator
425 Oil pressure in the hydraulic circuit of the front brake
426 Oil pressure in the hydraulic circuit rear brake
427 Oil temperature sensor front axle
428 Oil temperature sensor rear axle
429 Oil Pressure Switch main pump steering systems
430 Oil pressure sensor in the control circuit of the steering system
431 The probe low oil level in the tank of the steering system
432 contact differential pressure sensor on the oil filter steering system
433 contact differential pressure sensor on the hydraulic oil filter
434 Oil pressure in the hydraulic control circuit
435 Oil level sensor in the tank of the hydraulic system
436 Oil pressure in the torque converter
437 contact pressure transducer oil filter hydraulic power transmission
The solenoid 438? 1 Warm hydraulic distributor
The solenoid 439? 2 warm-hydraulic distributor
The solenoid 440? 3 warm-hydraulic distributor
441 Relay electronic speed controller
442 relay failure of the generator
443 relay interrupts scroll
444 electric starter relay
445 relay operation
446 Relay air engine shutdown
447 Relay fuel control
448 Back Relay
449 Switch manual turning capture
450 switch manual opening and closing of the jaws
Solenoid 451 rotate clockwise capture
452 Solenoid turning counterclockwise capture
453 solenoid opening jaws
454 Solenoid clamping jaws
455 pressure sensor clamping jaws
456 contact pressure transducer system Hydrax
457 Oil temperature sensor brake system
458 pressure sensor rod end cylinder skew
The control unit 459 torque converter
460 Fuel pressure sensor for the fuel filter
461 additional auxiliary brake solenoid
Contact 462 Coolant pressure sensor at the engine inlet
463 Safety solenoid double acting hydraulic circuit working equipment
464 Sensor finding bucket tilt lever in position return
465 position sensor accelerator lever at the maximum idling speed
466 Pedal turning left trucking tape
467 Pedal turning right trucking tape
468 Pedal service brake
469 Solenoid forward gear left trucking tape
470 Solenoid reverse left the trucking tape
471 Solenoid forward gear right trucking tape
472 Solenoid reversing right trucking tape
473 pressure sensor supply
474 Programmable relay control unit
475 block matching with the equipment user? 1
476 block matching with the equipment user? 2
Backing 477 relay? 1
Backing 478 relay? 2
Backing 479 relay? 3
Backing 480 relay? 4
Backing 481 relay? 5
Backing 482 relay? 6
Backing 483 relay? 7
Backing 484 relay? 8
485 Solenoid reversing fan motor
486 switch reversing the motor fan
487 position sensor of the third arm
488 fourth lever position sensor
489 selector switch modes of work equipment
490 Switch Interlock equipment
491 Solenoid third forward mode
492 Solenoid third mode ago
493 Solenoid fourth forward mode
Solenoid fourth mode 494 back
495 Solenoid fifth forward mode
496 Solenoid fifth mode ago
497 Solenoid tilt right
498 Solenoid lean to the left
499 solenoid oil pump variable displacement hydraulic working equipment
500 electronic control unit
501 prechamber cylinder? 1
502 prechamber cylinder? 2
503 prechamber cylinder? 3
504 prechamber cylinder? 4
505 prechamber cylinder? 5
506 prechamber cylinder? 6
507 prechamber cylinder? 7
508 prechamber cylinder? 8
509 prechamber cylinder? 9
510 prechamber cylinder? 10
511 prechamber cylinder? 11
512 prechamber cylinder? 12
513 prechamber cylinder? 13
514 prechamber cylinder? 14
515 prechamber cylinder? 15
516 prechamber cylinder? 16
517 Switch-wheel drive
518 Block Pressure Monitoring
519 Pressure crankcase gases
520 Code configuration gearbox
521 Fuel temperature sensor
522 Sensor calorific fuel
523 Sensor actual speed of the crankshaft of the engine
524 sensor required speed of the crankshaft of the engine
525 damper actuator
526 Valve Actuator exhaust
527 potentiometer setting unevenness
528 potentiometer set the maximum idle speed
529 fuel ratio correction
530 Sensor ION
531 Mode switch idle / rated speed
532 Signal Input Safe Stop engine
533 Automatic Retarder Control
534 Parallel / total service entrance
535 exhaust gas temperature sensor
536 Sensor low engine oil level
537 level sensor, engine coolant
538 sensor resistance right air filter
539 sensor resistance left the air filter
Input circuit 540 controlled equipment
541 Oil pressure sensor in the differential (bridge)
542 Oil pressure sensor in the engine before the oil filter
543 Sensor Engine oil pressure after oil filter
544 RPM Sensor cooling fan motor
545 relays Ether
546 limit switch current injection system ester
547 The indicator light turn on the system start broadcasting
548 The indicator light blocking accelerator
549 lock switch accelerator
550 signal from the oxygen concentration sensor in an electronic control unit (ECM)
Communication circuit 551 oxygen concentration sensor and the oxygen concentration of the stabilizer
552 Calibration of oxygen concentration / current engine speed
553 Calibration of oxygen concentration / current signal of oxygen concentration
554 Calibration of oxygen concentration / no signal of oxygen concentration
555 Calibration of oxygen concentration / oxygen concentration signal from noise
556 oxygen sensor kit
557 Sensor lack of oxygen
558 Relay automatic lubrication system
559 Relay floating position arrows
560 Error data channel
561 solenoid interlock accelerator rear engine
562 electronic control system of the second generation
563 No signal required speed
564 Interference in the signal required speed
565 Activation of emergency stop due to lack of signal required speed
566 false positives emergency stop
567 The indicator light readiness reserve the electronic control unit (ECM)
568 The indicator light turn on the backup electronic control unit (ECM)
569 solenoid oil injection
570 Out With temperature of a predetermined range
571 solenoid drive forward gear elevator
572 solenoid actuator reverse elevator
573 Pedal Jog
574 solenoid latch capture
575 elevator lever position sensor
576 Drive company Heinzmann
577 drive transmission ratio Heinzmann
578 Offset drive Heinzmann
579 Pulsating signal the main electronic control unit (ECM)
580 pressure sensor switch under load
581 solenoid switch under load
582 contact differential pressure sensor on the air filter
583 Solenoid boom
584 The probe for low oil pressure in the engine
585 sensor number 1 output speed gearbox
586 Rotary switch engine speed
587 position sensor motor controller
588 Display Control System
589 Mode Switch travel / excavation works
590 engine control unit
591 electrically erasable memory (read-only)
592 Solenoid lift? 2
Lowering solenoid 593? 2
594 solenoid return? 2
595 solenoid unloading? 2
596 electronic control unit working equipment
597 Discharge pressure sensor hydraulic pump
598 solenoid control the speed of the
599 Computerized Control System (CMS)
600 hydraulic oil temperature sensor
601 air brake pressure sensor
602 contact pressure transducer P2 Transmission
603 pressure sensor impeller clutch torque converter
604 Automatic gearshift lock switch
605 Sensor? 1 wheel speed
Sensor 606? 2 wheel speed
607 sensor? 3 wheel speed
608 sensor? 4 wheel speed
The solenoid 609? 1 brake wheel
The solenoid 610? 2 wheel brakes
The solenoid 611? 3 brake wheels
The solenoid 612? 4-wheel brakes
613 solenoid control circuit of front brakes
The solenoid control circuit 614 rear brakes
615 angle sensor semiframes vehicle articulation
616 mode switch system check
617 relay heater fresh air in the intake manifold
618 The probe left auxiliary brake
619 The probe right auxiliary brake
620 Mode Switch towing
621 Switch downshift
622 Switch upshift
623 direction switch
624 The probe neutral gearbox
626 Switch steering lock / gearbox
627 contact pressure sensor parking brake
628 fast switch gear
629 sensor converter
631 solenoid clutch? 1 transmission
632 solenoid clutch? 2 gearbox
633 solenoid clutch? 3 Transmission
634 solenoid clutch? 4 gearbox
635 solenoid clutch? 5 gearbox
636 solenoid clutch? 6 gearbox
637 Back-up alarm
638 Solenoid Starter
639 The indicator light turn on 1st gear
641 Solenoid №1 gearbox
642 Solenoid №2 gearbox
643 Solenoid №3 gearbox
644 Solenoid №4 gearbox
645 Solenoid №5 gearbox
646 Solenoid №6 gearbox
647 Solenoid №7 gearbox
648 Solenoid №8 gearbox
Code 650 cable
653 electronic control unit
654 Oil temperature sensor right trailer brakes
655 Oil temperature sensor left the trailer brakes
656 temperature sensor at the inlet cooler trailer brakes
657 temperature sensor output cooler trailer brakes
658 Pressure sensor right cylinder suspension trailer
659 Pressure sensor left cylinder suspension trailer
660 12th circuit input gear lever
661 13th circuit input gear lever
662 14th circuit input gear lever
663 15th circuit input gear lever
664 16th circuit input gear lever
665 17th circuit input gear lever
666 18th circuit input gear lever
667 19th circuit input gear lever
668 Gear lever
669 RPM Sensor gearbox input shaft
670 position sensor left pedal
671 sensor output speed gearbox
672 speed sensor output converter
673 II sensor output speed gearbox
674 Sensor I speed countershaft gearbox
675 Sensor II intermediate speed gearbox
676 position sensor lever pivot left trucking tape
677 position sensor lever pivot right trucking tape
678 impeller torque converter clutch solenoid
679 solenoid lock-up clutch
680 Mode switch for manual / automatic inclusion of the implement when driving
681 solenoid parking brake
682 Light indicator Handbrake
683 Alarm Handbrake
684 Hand switch reversing gearbox
685 Identification code maintenance
686 Identification code of the work shift
687 Identification code of additional equipment
Solenoid 688 power control
689 Solenoid left brake
690 Solenoid right brake
691 Solenoid №1 gearbox
692 Solenoid №2 gearbox
693 Solenoid №3 gearbox
694 Solenoid №4 gearbox
695 Solenoid №5 gearbox
696 Solenoid №6 gearbox
The solenoid valve 697 priority
698 left steering clutch solenoid
699 right steering clutch solenoid
The sensor 700 of the gear transmission
701 sensor output speed gearbox
702 sensor gear position (pin)
703 Position Sensor hatch trailer
704 Contact service brake pressure sensor
705 position sensor lever hoist (pin)
706 Sensor finding body in the raised position
707 Solenoid increase transmission (gearbox)
708 Solenoid downshift (gearbox)
709 solenoid lock-up clutch gearbox
710 Solenoid power system Automatic Retarder Control (ARC)
711 Distribution solenoid system Automatic Retarder Control (ARC)
712 The indicator light of the automatic deceleration
713 Mode Switch operation of the Automatic Retarder Control
714 contact pressure transducer system Automatic Retarder Control
715 contact pressure transducer moderator
716 electric power detector
717 Remote Switch Accelerator
718 Transmission
719 solenoid proportional valve traction control (TCS)
720 Steering resolver
721 service brake solenoid
722 auxiliary brake solenoid
723 relay automatic mode flashing beacon
724 Solenoid mode lifting hoist
725 Solenoid mode lowering the hoist
726 right steering solenoid
727 left steering solenoid
728 control signal in the automatic / manual modes
729 External switch auto / manual modes (ground level)
730 Switch for automatic / manual operation (in the cockpit)
731 PWM signal engine speed (rev / min) (duty ratio)
732 Solenoid accurate swing
733 solenoid lock hydraulic oil cooler
734 Diverter solenoid automatic lubrication system
735 Solenoid heavy lifting
736 control channel automatic control of engine speed (AESC)
737 Pedal converter
738 Position Sensor ripper
739 differential lock indicator light
740 Solenoid differential lock
741 The indicator light turn on the converter
742 Indicator light / relay service brake
743 rotation sensor trucking tape while moving forward (PWM)
744 rotation sensor trucking tape when reversing (PWM)
Sensor arm 745 speed control (PWM)
The probe system 746 controls the rotor (PWM)
The probe 747 of a steering mode (PWM)
748 for contact with the rotor position sensor door
749 sensor returns
750 Hand switch control mode rear wheels
751 Switch spraying water
752 solenoid brake / rotor belt
753 Solenoid service brake rotor
754 solenoid clutch rotor
755 Relay spraying water
756 Oil temperature sensor coupling of the rotor (PWM)
757 Oil Pressure Switch clutch rotor (PWM)
758 hydraulic oil pressure sensor speed (PWM)
759 Indicator light low oil level in the engine
760 The indicator light debris engine oil filter
761 Light indicator clogging of the fuel filter
762 contact temperature sensor gearbox oil
763 Solenoid mode trenching
764 The indicator light transmission
765 pressure sensor cylinder piston cavity misalignment
766 sensor oil pressure differential (bridge)
767 Oil pressure variable pump hydraulic circuit working equipment
768 data channel RS-485
769 pressure sensor rod cavity lift cylinder
770 data channel? 2 by Caterpillar
771 Relay blinds
772 control unit of the fuel mixture to avoid detonation
773 sensor lever hoist
774 Position Sensor auxiliary accelerator pedal
775 Relay switching control valve warming
The control unit 776 navigation system
777 Sensor Steering angle of rotation of the auxiliary steering system
778 Auxiliary air pressure sensor
779 temperature sensor in the cockpit
780 Relay Autonomous start switch
781 Relay Lighting
782 The indicator light engine stop switch outside (ground level)
783 The indicator light cruise mode
784 Vibration Sensor Engine
785 Coolant temperature in the cooling circuit of the engine
Pressure sensor 786 of coolant in the cooling circuit of the engine
The level sensor 787 in the coolant of the engine cooling radiator
788 Mode switch engine retarder
789 Pressure Sensor main control circuit
790 pressure sensor at the outlet of the pump drive mechanism swing
791 brake solenoid setting firm Jake Brake in a state of weak / strong braking
792 brake solenoid setting firm Jake Brake in a state of moderate / heavy braking
793 contact pressure sensor hydraulic circuit basic steering system
794 contact gauge pressure of the hydraulic circuit of the auxiliary steering system
795 intermediate relay auxiliary steering system
796 Solenoid high speed cooling fan differential (bridge)
798 General alarm output
799 Service Tool
800 Main unit processing system basic information (VIMS)
801 matching unit (interface unit)? 1 processing system basic information (VIMS)
802 matching unit? 2 VIMS system
803 matching unit? 3 system VIMS
804 matching unit? 4 VIMS system
805 matching unit? 5 VIMS system
806 matching unit? 6 VIMS system
807 matching unit? 7 VIMS system
808 matching unit? 8 VIMS system
809 Speedometer / Tachometer? 1
810 Speedometer / Tachometer? 2
811 Dashboard? 1
812 Dashboard? 2
813 Dashboard? 3
814 Dashboard? 4
815 Message Center? 1
816 Message Center? 2
817 Internal backup battery electronic control unit (ECM)
818 switch mode power
The data channel 819 on display
The data channel 820 with the keyboard
821 Power circuit display
822 Power supply circuit backlight LCD display (LCD)
823 Light maintenance indicator
824 The indicator light? 1 (green) measurement system payload truck (TPMS)
The indicator light 825? 2 (red) measurement system payload truck (TPMS)
826 Oil temperature sensor converter
827 temperature sensor gas left exhaust manifold
828 temperature sensor gas right exhaust manifold
829 Coolant Temperature Sensor rear section intercooler
830 Oil temperature sensor front brake
Indicator 831 metallic particles in the left drive gear
Indicator metal particles 832 on the right drive gear
833 Oil temperature sensor rear brake
834 LED metal particles in the differential (bridge)
835 differential oil temperature sensor (bridge)
836 Oil temperature sensor left final drive
837 Oil temperature sensor right final drive
838 Pressure sensor left front suspension cylinder
839 Pressure sensor right front suspension cylinder
840 Pressure sensor left rear suspension cylinder
841 Pressure sensor right rear suspension cylinder
842 LED metal particles left front working equipment
843 LED metal particles right front working equipment
Indicator 844 metallic particles in the left turning pump mechanism
845 LED metal particles in the left hydraulic motor power the swing mechanism
846 LED metal particles in the right hydraulic motor power the swing mechanism
847 LED metal particles left rear of the implement
848 LED metal particles of the right rear of the implement
849 air pressure sensor in the pneumatic system
Indicator 850 metallic particles in the gearbox
851 pressure sensor gear
852 brake oil temperature sensor (right front)
853 Oil temperature sensor brake (left front)
854 brake oil temperature sensor (rear right)
855 Oil temperature sensor brake (left rear)
The sensor unit 856 slope values? 1
The sensor unit 857 slope values? 2
858 circuit breaker generator fault
859 relay power generator
860 temperature sensor oil pump drive
861 Light maintenance indicator Engine
862 pressure sensor P1 transmission
863 pressure sensor P2 Transmission
864 Oil pressure variable pump hydraulic system work equipment
865 temperature indicator light engine exhaust
Output signal 866 which is proportional to the load
867 Solenoid engine retarder
868 The indicator light automatic switching transmission
869 Sensor Extension rod right lift cylinder
870 Sensor Extension rod left lift cylinder
871 Tilt sensor
872 Sensor step ratio
873 pressure sensor oil pump circuit skew
874 Mode switch blade control
875 switch for manual blade control
876 Switch run fast unloading
877 Return sensor blade
878 Rotary selector switch load dump
879 angle of attack sensor ripper
880 Position Sensor ripper (raised / lowered)
881 Switch automatic lifting ripper
882 Solenoid Interlock equipment
883 Solenoid quick discharge
884 Stepper solenoid
885 Solenoid valve RV ripper
886 Solenoid penetration ripper
887 Solenoid extraction ripper
888 Solenoid lowering ripper
889 solenoid lifting ripper
890 telemetry data channel
The left lift solenoid 900
901 Left lowering solenoid
Right lifting solenoid 902
903 Right lowering solenoid
Rear lift solenoid 904
905 Rear lowering solenoid
906 Left sensor bias values
907 Right sensor bias value
908 blade angle sensor
909 Display? 1 slope steepness
910 Display? 2 slope steepness
911 display? 3 slope steepness
912 Display? 4 slope steepness
913 display? 5 slope steepness
914 display? 6 slope steepness
915 direction indicator lamps on the left slope of the sensor
916 Indicator light output for a given slope from the left sensor bias
917 Lamps indicating the direction of deviation from the right sensor
918 Indicator light output for a given slope from the right slope of the sensor
919 Beep inconsistencies slope steepness left
920 Beep inconsistencies slope steepness right
921 Beep inconsistencies slope steepness
922 sensor with automatic stop dangerous proximity
The proximity sensor 923 to a predetermined height
924 electronic control unit burner operation
925 Indicator light the burner mode
926 Switch burner mode
927 fuel pump relay torch
928 relay glow plug burner left expander
929 Motor fan left expander
930 solenoid fuel valve left expander
931 Hand torch switch left expander
Left main relay 932 in the glow plug
933 Motor left main fan
934 The left main fuel valve
935 Hand switch left main burner
936 relay glow plug burner right expander
937 Motor fan right expander
938 Fuel valve right expander
939 Hand torch switch right expander
940 relay right main spark plug
941 Motor right main fan
942 The right main fuel valve
943 Switch automatic right of the main burner
944 Switch conveyor speed
945 Operating mode switch conveyor
946 solenoid to control the speed of the conveyor
947 Solenoid overdrive
948 derailleur movement
949 Solenoid power control travel motor
Reserve dial 950 speed sensor
951 Oil pressure sensor coupling of the rotor
952 Mode Switch rotor depth
953 override controls rotor depth
954 lock switch lifting rotor
955 sensor rotor depth
Solenoid 956 lifting the rotor
957 Solenoid lowering the rotor
958 derailleur rotor
959 speed sensor rotor
960 solenoid clutch 1st gear rotor
961 solenoid clutch 2nd gear rotor
962 solenoid clutch 3rd gear rotor
963 control unit value of the slope
964 Signal output mode dual power
965 switch automatic mode digging
966 The indicator light traction control (TCS)
967 Conditions of use of the machine
968 lock indicator light transmission
969 Solenoid differential lock of the front axle
970 Solenoid differential lock central / rear axle
The solenoid 971 locks the intermediate differential
972 Operating mode selector left screw
973 Operating mode selector left conveyor
974 Operating mode selector left feeder
975 Rotary switch speeds of the left conveyor
The paddle height sensor 976 in the left screw material
977 Ultrasonic thickness gauge material in the left screw
978 Turning the adjuster screw material in the left
979 Solenoid left pump control material flow
980 Bypass solenoid left conveyor
The solenoid 981 of the left screw backstop
982 Bypass solenoid left screw
983 sensor rotation of the left screw
984 diagnostic lights control material flow
The control unit 985 feeder material paver
986 Operating mode switch right screw
987 Operating mode switch right conveyor
988 Operating mode switch right feeder
989 Speed selector right conveyor
The paddle height sensor 990 in the right screw material
991 Ultrasonic thickness gauge material in the right screw
992 Turning the adjuster screw in the right material
993 Solenoid right pump control material flow
994 Bypass solenoid right conveyor
Solenoid 995 right screw backstop
996 Bypass solenoid right screw
997 rotation sensor right screw
998 solenoid system improve traction
999 Knob setting the maximum speed
1011 Solenoid low speed cooling fan differential (bridge)
1012 front brake solenoid
1013 The proportional solenoid front brake
Solenoid 1 014 feeding oil to the front brake
1015 rear brake solenoid
1016 The proportional solenoid rear brake
1017 Solenoid oil supply in the rear brake
1018 steering angle sensor Resolver
1019 angle sensor auxiliary steering resolver
1020 sensor filter cooling system front brake
1021 sensor filter cooling system rear brake
1022 Level Sensor grease in the tank of the automatic lubrication
1023 Sensor-gauge pressure of the hydraulic system
1024 Sensor-pressure gauge right steering pump
1025 Sensor-pressure gauge left steering pump
1026 sensor filter reverse flow of oil from the steering system to tank
1027 The power supply unit? 5
1028 The power supply unit? 1
1029 Block lektropitaniya? 2
1030 The power supply unit? 3
1031 Power 14 radio DC
1032 Main supply 14 V DC
1033 Power keypad 5 VDC
1034 Manual switch unloading dump
1035 receiver satellite navigation system (GPS)
1036 Function keys
1037 Display Unit
1038 analog output circuit configuration of the speed controller
1039 Chain output PWM signal setting the speed controller
1040 Joint control module purity combustion of the combustible mixture (ICSM)? 1
1041 Joint control module purity combustion of the combustible mixture (ICSM)? 2
1042 Joint temperature control module (ITSM)
1043 Signal ignition of the combustible mixture in the cylinder? 1
Signal 1044 combustible mixture ignition in all cylinders
1045 Oil temperature sensor Power Transmission
1046 The probe debris oil filter power transmission
1047 Solenoid skew one cylinder
1048 Output signal 1 from the source control
1049 Output signal 2 from the source control
1050 The power supply unit? 4
1051 Auxiliary power supply 14 V DC
1052 The backlight assembly
1053 temperature sensor drain oil left hydraulic oil pump
1054 temperature sensor drain oil central hydraulic oil pump
1055 temperature sensor drain oil right oil pump hydraulic
1057 gearbox control unit / Seizure
1058 Solenoid floating position hoist
1059 contact pressure sensor control circuit hydraulic lifting working equipment
1060 contact pressure sensor control circuit hydraulic lowering of attachments
1061 contact pressure sensor control circuit hydraulic return Bucket
1062 contact pressure sensor control circuit hydraulic Dumping
1063 Switch the automatic digging
1064 The indicator light turn on the automatic digging
1065 Remote control car
1066 Indicator light the automatic digging
1067 Beep mode automatic digging
1068 Beacon mode automatic digging
1069 Signal lift the implement
1070 Signal lowering the implement
1071 Signal return Bucket
1072 Signal Dumping
1073 Display System display basic information (VIDS)
1074 Solenoid valve oil regeneration
1075 Solenoid valve oil filling
1076 Knock Sensor A
In 1077 Knock Sensor
1078 Knock Sensor On
1079 Knock Sensor D
1080 Knock Sensor E
1081 Knock Sensor F
1082 Knock Sensor G
1083 Knock Sensor H
1084 Knock sensor I
1085 Knock sensor J
1086 sensing element oxygen concentration
1087 The buffer block oxygen concentration sensor
1088 power circuit oxygen concentration sensor
Data analysis unit 1089
Sensor 1101 combustible mixture in the combustion cylinder? 1
1102 Sensor burning the fuel mixture in the cylinder? 2
Sensor 1103 combustible mixture in the combustion cylinder? 3
Sensor 1104 combustible mixture combustion in the cylinder No. 4
Sensor 1105 combustible mixture combustion in the cylinder No. 5
Sensor 1106 combustible mixture combustion in the cylinder No. 6
Sensor 1107 combustible mixture in the combustion cylinder? 7
Sensor 1108 combustible mixture in the combustion cylinder? 8
Sensor 1109 combustible mixture in the combustion cylinder No.9
1110 Sensor burning the fuel mixture in the cylinder? 10
Sensor 1111 combustible mixture in the combustion cylinder? 11
Sensor 1112 combustible mixture in the combustion cylinder? 12
Sensor 1113 combustible mixture in the combustion cylinder? 13
Sensor 1114 combustible mixture in the combustion cylinder? 14
Sensor 1115 combustible mixture in the combustion cylinder? 15
Sensor 1116 combustible mixture in the combustion cylinder? 16
1117 Solenoid separator
1118 Solenoid flow diversion loop neutral
1119 Solenoid lock boom
1120 Solenoid lock handle
1121 High Pressure Solenoid front of
1122 Solenoid high pressure system back
1123 Solenoid frequency tuning hammer blows
1124 Solenoid anti-theft system
1125 sensor front / rear position of the left arm
1126 Sensor left / right position of the left arm
1127 sensor front / rear position of the right arm
1128 Sensor left / right position of the right arm
1129 Pedal forward stroke
1130 Pedal control mounted implement
1131 Pushbutton switch? 1 joystick
1132 Pushbutton switch? 4 joystick
1133 pressure sensor (load-dependent) of the front of the main oil pump
1134 pressure sensor (load-dependent) rear main oil pump
1135 pressure sensor on the front draining out of the crankcase oil pump
1136 pressure sensor on the rear draining out of the crankcase oil pump
1137 pressure sensor to sink out of the crankcase oil pump hydraulic rotation
1138 solenoid retracting boom cylinder rod
1139 Solenoid extension rod arm cylinder
1140 solenoid pull rod arm cylinder
1141 Solenoid extension rod bucket cylinder
1142 solenoid pull rod bucket cylinder
1143 solenoid mechanism for turning right
1144 solenoid mechanism for turning left
1145 Solenoid Extension / rotate clockwise Attachment
1146 solenoid pull / rotate counterclockwise Attachment
1147 medium pressure solenoid circuit? 1-A
1148 medium pressure solenoid circuit? 1-B
1149 Solenoid reverse / modulating valve boom lower
1150 Solenoid change the angle of the swash plate hydraulic circuit oil pump rotation
1151 pressure sensor switch front-load pump
1152 pressure sensor switch under load the rear of the pump
1153 stock pressure sensor front pump
1154 Sensor supply of rear pressure pump
1155 Solenoid front feed pump pressure switch under load
1156 rear solenoid pump providing pressure switch under load
1157 Solenoid stock pressure front pump
1158 Solenoid stock rear pump pressure
1159 Solenoid reverse / modulating valve lowering arm
1160 Gidrozatvorny solenoid
1161 pressure sensor front pump hydraulic system
1162 pressure sensor rear pump hydraulic system
1163 Left solenoid movement ago
1164 Right solenoid movement ago
1165 Right solenoid forward
1166 Left solenoid forward
1167 breaker power generator (EPG)
1168 Sensor dead bus
1169 Sensor ATB (transformer unit AC)
1170 Sensor BTB (transformer block tires)
1171 Mode switch variable pump hydraulic circuit working equipment
1172 switch variable pump hydraulic circuit working equipment
1173 Solenoid damping lifting mechanism
1174 Relay switching hoist
1175 Position Sensor Body
1176 Signal output at engine shutdown
1177 Sensor fuel level converter
1178 pressure sensor system overload warning machines
1179 translator modules ES2000
1180 Solenoid? 1 auxiliary hydraulic
1181 Solenoid? 2 auxiliary hydraulic
1182 Solenoid? 1 high capacity
Solenoid 1 183? 2 high throughput
1184 Power auxiliary hydraulic solenoid valves
Power solenoid valves 1185 high throughput
1186 Mode switch increased flow
1187 Sensors of continuous flow
1188 switch manually unlock
1189 Lever auxiliary hydraulic
1190 buttons adjust the armrest / seat
1191 Main valve drive mechanism for turning
1192 Main valve operating equipment
1193 Solenoid extension boom cylinder rod
1194 Main unit display system information about the machine (MIDS)
1195 The probe filter clogging of the hydraulic system
1196 The probe filter clogging fan
1197 Solenoid lowering blade
1198 Solenoid blade lift
1199 Main unit display basic information system (VIDS)
1200 Additional filtering system
1201 Thermocouple? 1
1202 Thermocouple №2
1203 Thermocouple №3
1204 Thermocouple №4
1205 Thermocouple №5
1206 Thermocouple №6
1207 Thermocouple №7
1208 Thermocouple №8
1209 Thermocouple №9
Thermocouple 1210 №10
Thermocouple 1211 №11
Thermocouple 1212 №12
Thermocouple 1213 №13
Thermocouple 1214 №14
Thermocouple 1215 №15
Thermocouple 1216 №16
Thermocouple 1217 №17
Thermocouple 1218 №18
Thermocouple 1219 №19
Thermocouple 1220 №20
Thermocouple 1221 №21
Thermocouple 1222 №22
Thermocouple 1223 №23
Thermocouple 1224 №24
1225 Oil pressure sensor left rear handbrake
1226 Oil pressure sensor right rear parking brake
1227 Lever moderator
1228 contact sensor activate the auxiliary hydraulic system
1229 RPM Sensor coolant pump the brakes
1230 solenoid pump drive system brake cooling
1231 bypass solenoid brake circuit
1232 bypass solenoid lubrication system rear differential
1233 №1 pressure sensor lock gearbox
1234 №2 pressure sensor lock gearbox
Solenoid lock 1235 gearbox
1236 Light Raised Body
1237 bypass solenoid pump hoist №1
1238 bypass solenoid pump hoist №2
1239 line solenoid control valve piston tank circuit hoist
1240 Solenoid highway tank distributor of stem loop hoist
1241 line solenoid control valve piston pump circuit hoist
1242 solenoid pump-line distributor of stem loop hoist
1243 solenoid switching control circuit hoist
Safety solenoid 1244 second stage gearbox
1245 Relay bleed from the accumulator
1246 pressure sensor piston chamber of the hydraulic cylinder hoist
1247 pressure sensor rod chamber cylinder hoist
1248 Solenoid moderator
1249 Position Sensor auxiliary accelerator pedal
1266 Indicator light Diagnostic Mode
1267 Indicator light low coolant level
1268 Luminous maintenance indicator
1269 contact service brake pressure sensor operator
Temperature sensor 1270 to turbocharger inlet
1271 differential pressure sensor lubricant (bevel gear)
1272 contact pressure sensor accumulator brake system
1273 control unit chassis
1274 Signal of the machine
1275 Solenoid lift bucket
1276 Bucket lowering solenoid
1277 Solenoid lifting apron
1278 Solenoid lowering apron
1279 Solenoid forward movement of the ejector
1280 Solenoid movement ejector ago
1281 Bucket lever position sensor
1282 lever position sensor apron
1283 Position Sensor lever ejector
1284 position sensor is the speed change lever elevator
1285 Solenoid forward movement of the screw
1286 Solenoid motion screw back
1287 solenoid control the speed of the elevator
1288 Relay hitch
1289 Relay depreciation hitch
1290 Switch Cruising apron
1291 Switch hitch
1292 The probe transmission blocking
1293 Switch depreciation hitch
1294 The indicator light return ejector
1295 Indicator light floating position apron
1296 Indicator light mode tractor
1297 Indicator light mode scraper
1299 Solenoid include elevator
1300 Solenoid change of direction of the elevator
Solenoid valve 1301 gas (GAV) in the cylinder №1
Solenoid valve 1302 gas (GAV) in the cylinder №2
Solenoid valve 1303 gas (GAV) in the cylinder №3
Solenoid valve 1304 gas (GAV) in the cylinder №4
Solenoid valve 1305 gas (GAV) in the cylinder №5
Solenoid valve 1306 gas (GAV) in the cylinder №6
Solenoid valve 1307 gas (GAV) in the cylinder №7
Solenoid valve 1308 gas (GAV) in the cylinder №8
Solenoid valve 1309 gas (GAV) in the cylinder №9
13010 solenoid gas supply valve (GAV) in the cylinder №10
Solenoid valve 1311 gas (GAV) in the cylinder №11
Solenoid valve 1312 gas (GAV) in the cylinder №12
Solenoid valve 1313 gas (GAV) in the cylinder №13
Solenoid valve 1314 gas (GAV) in the cylinder №14
Solenoid valve 1315 gas (GAV) in the cylinder №15
Solenoid valve 1316 gas (GAV) in the cylinder №16
Solenoid valve 1317 gas (GAV) in the cylinder №17
Solenoid valve 1318 gas (GAV) in the cylinder №18
Solenoid valve 1319 gas (GAV) in the cylinder №19
Solenoid valve 1320 gas (GAV) in the cylinder №20
1321 Limit switch limiter screw slippage
1322 switch flyback screw
1323 Solenoid limiter screw slippage
1326 location code electronic control unit (ECM)
1327 Position Sensor left of the brake pedal
1328 position sensor is the right of the brake pedal
1329 The probe left of the brake pedal
1330 The probe right brake pedal
1401 Solenoid gearbox №1
1402 Solenoid gearbox №2
1403 Solenoid gearbox №3
1404 Solenoid gearbox №4
1405 Solenoid gearbox №5
1406 Solenoid gearbox №6
1407 Solenoid gearbox №7
1408 Solenoid gearbox №8
1409 Solenoid gearbox №9
1410 Solenoid gearbox №10
1411 Solenoid gearbox №11
1412 Solenoid gearbox №12
1413 Solenoid gearbox №13
1414 Solenoid gearbox №14
1415 Solenoid gearbox №15
1416 Solenoid gearbox №16
1417 Solenoid gearbox №17
1418 Solenoid gearbox №18
1419 Solenoid gearbox №19
1420 Solenoid gearbox №20

Fault Codes DTC of CATERPILLAR Forklift Trucks

P03 VCM communication error
P04 ECM communication error
P05 DCM communication error
P06 HST communication error
P07 MP communication error
P08 TMS communication error
P22 Shift lever error signal
F02 Battery voltage error
F57 Tilt backward solenoid error
F03 VCM communication error
F59 Tilt solenoid leak
F04 ECM communication error
F60 Attack-1A solenoid error
F05 DCM communication error
F62 Attach-1B solenoid error
F06 HST communication error
F64 Attach-1 solenoid leak
F07 MP communication error
F65 Attach-2A solenoid error
F08 TMS communication error
F67 Attach-2B solenoid error
F10 Lift lever neutral error
F69 Attach-2 solenoid leak
F11 Tilt lever neutral error
F70 Attach-3A solenoid error
F12 Attach-1 lever neutral error
F72 Attach-3B solenoid error
F13 Attach-2 lever neutral error
F74 Attach-3 solenoid leak
F14 Attach-3 lever neutral error
F75 Unload solenoid error
F16 Shift lever error
F77 Lift lock solenoid error
F17 Speed error
F79 Unload solenoid leak
E29 Self shutdown system diagnostic result error signal
F20 Lift lever error
F80 Knob position solenoid error
F22 Tilt lever error
F82 Tilt lock solenoid error
F24 Attach-1 lever error
F84 Knob position solenoid leak
F26 Attach-2 lever error
F85 T/M forward solenoid error
F28 Attach-3 lever error
F87 T/M backward solenoid error
F30 Main oil pressure sensor error
F89 T/M solenoid leak
F32 Lift oil pressure sensor error
F34 Speed sensor error
F36 Tire angle sensor error
F38 Tilt angle sensor error
F40 Steering error
F50 Lift up solenoid error
F52 Lift down solenoid error
F54 Lift solenoid leak
F01 Memory check error
F55 Tilt forward solenoid error
Error Code – Explanation
E03 VCM communication error
E04 ECM communication error
E05 DCM communication error
E06 HST communication error
E07 MP communication error
E08 TMS communication error
E21 Air flow meter error signal
E22 Water temperature sensor error signal
E23 Throttle sensor error signal
E24 Accelerator sensor error signal
E25 O2 sensor error signal
E26 O2 sensor heater error signal
E27 POS sensor error signal
E28 PHASE sensor error signal
E29 Self shutdown system diagnostic result error signal
E30 ECCS C/U error signal
E31 Electronic control throttle control error signal
E32 Overhear signal (STEP 1)
E33 Overheat signal (STEP 2)
E34 Spark system error signal
E35 LPG F/INJ disconnection diagnostic result signal
E36 LPG fuel pressure sensor diagnostic result signal
E38 LPG vaporizer diagnostic result signal
E39 Mast-high SW diagnostic result signal
E40 Oil pressure sensor diagnostic result signal
E41 Stop lamp SW error signal

The diagnosis tool Caterpillar Tractor Fault Codes list for trucks provides different possibilities such as information on the use and location of the connectors, detection and description of errors, activation of the fan, compression test and other components, system data information and more.